Like My Page

LIKE MY PAGE, SUCH AND SUCH INVITES YOU TO LIKE THEIR PAGE, NOOOO. Facebook as we all know is one or the most used social media outlet out right now, but people are getting out of hand with this like my page stuff. We all know that fan pages are vital for public figures especially if you’re an indie musician. The problem is when you are making multiple pages (over 15) and asking everyone to like your page. How many pages do you really need? This gets really annoying to everybody and makes you look like you are just a page junkie. Now this issue is not directed towards people who actually started with one fan page, became successful with that one and then moved on from there to continue creating successful fan pages. So you all who have all of these fan pages need to FOCUS MAN “in my Jay Z voice” on one page before you move on to another page.

The next problem I have with LIKE MY PAGE is that if I like your page or pages then it’s only right if you like my page. If you ask someone to like your page and you never like any pages they have than that’s 100% rude. By you asking many people to like your page and you do not like theirs, is showing the you’re not only rude but you’re also selfish and all about you. If you’re, for example an indie artist with a fan page and you ask me to like your page, then you should have no problem doing the same for me. If you just take and never give back everyone including your fans will view you in a bad light and trust and believe you will lose that fan base quick.

Again facebook fan pages are fantastic and a great way for indie artist or public figures to interact with their fan base, but focus on one page at a time and do not rush into multiple others. Also remember to not ask anybody to “LIKE MY PAGE” if you’re going to do the same for them.