Business Gossip: The Poisoning of An Organization

Office politics are something that we all have had during our careers. When is business gossip and office shenanigans too much for an organization? There are a few things that we need to take into consideration when talking about gossip in the workplace.


Leaders of organizations have to squash the office gossip once it arises. The leader is the person who is looked at to ummmm LEAD, so when there are issues with gossip, you as the leader must take control over the situation. If you do not take control quick, then you will start to your employees and that will destroy an organization in the long run. Everything starts and ends with the leader of the organization, so if you are a good leader you will explain you must make it a policy to discipline employees who gossip. If there’s no action or penalty to the person or persons initiating the gossip, than this will continuously happen and you will slowly see your organization fall apart.

No Trust

Trust is very importation with any team. We often here players like Michael Jordon or Kobe Bryant that say they “TRUST” their teammates and organization. Trusting your co-workers is vital in an organization, because you lean on them to get projects and daily operations done. Gossiping can ruin how the rest of your organization views the person being gossiped about. For example if John is working on a project with Sarah and then John tells everyone Sarah is lazy and doesn’t do her work, than this may cause the other staff members to not feel comfortable working with Sarah. Ultimately John could’ve ruined Sarah’s credibility with everyone else and now that same group may hinder her from getting a promotion due to everyone things “Sarah is lazy and doesn’t do her work”. Now really John caught Sarah on a bad day and she was very tired, but instead of talking with Sarah and figuring out what was going on he decided to assume and gossip. Ultimately you are working with a team and all teammates must trust each other, in order to maintain a successful organization.

Ruin Careers

Back to the example of Sarah and John, since John wanted to spread gossip about Sarah being lazy and not doing her work his best friend is the hiring manager in another section of the organization. Sarah then wants to apply and interview for a position with John’s friend, but now the friend has a mindset about Sarah, so everything she does he thinks back to the gossip of her being lazy. This gossip alone could cause much harm to the career of Sarah. The friend of John will now be reluctant to give Sarah the job because his best friend said she’s “lazy”.

Ways to Avoid Gossip

1. DO YOUR JOB – You are at work to work, so don’t get caught up in gossip just focus on the goal that your organization has set and follow it.
2. LA LA LA I can’t hear you I can’t hear you – Follow what you’ve done as a kid when you didn’t want to hear something that someone said. Close your ears and shoot down gossip, because as stated earlier you are there to work and uphold your organizations mission.
3. VIRAL IS BAD – Viral is not good when it comes to gossip. If you happen to hear gossip, just keep it to yourself and do not cause another person’s reputation to be ruined because you want to run your mouth.

If you are wondering why a person may seem like they are lazy or not doing their work then just walk up to them and ask them what’s going on, because you may be surprised with that their answer. Gossip is like playing the telephone game, it will change from person to person, so do not be the person that is the cause of another person losing out on opportunities, because ultimately it will be the poison that slowly destroys an organization.