5 Ways to Turn Customers Into Loyal Fans

Do you ever wonder how companies like Pepsi or Nike have fans? Fans you may ask yourself how did they become fans of these companies. Customers become loyal fans of companies for many reasons and a lot of it has nothing to do with the product itself. In this article we have 5 ways that a company can turn their customers into loyal fans.

1. Engage

Everyone that is involved with any type of relationship must engage with each other in order to have success. The relationship between companies and their customers is no different, so engagement is the key to both parties becoming loyal to one another. Companies must implement customer outreach programs that tailor the needs of the customers. Engaging with customers through social media, face to face, or email is going to make them feel comfortable with you and that shows that the customer really cares. Each individual customer wants to feel special, so creating canned responses are a sign that a company does not value each individual customer. The face to face engagement is very important because it gives the customer a chance to see the faces behind the products or services. Customers believe in companies that take time to speak with them and are not robotic.

2. Solve Problems or Answer Questions Fast

Every company is going to run into it’s fair share of problems, whether it’s a faulty product or a service that took longer than it should have. Generally customers do not become irate if the problem is solved fast. Companies must create a plan in the event that a customer is unhappy about a situation, because this will allow the company to fix the problem very quickly. Solving problems or answering questions in a fast and timely manner boost your overall customer satisfaction, because the customer will know if something goes wrong than they can count on your company to solve their problems fast.

3. Understanding your Customers

This may be the one factor that takes a company to the next level in customer relations and will turn your customers into loyal fans. Companies need to understand their customers’ tendencies, their culture, what they enjoy, and much more. Finding these factors out will allow companies to create products or marketing outreach campaigns that will be most impactful and engaging to their customers.

4. Optimizing your Message

Many companies create content for their customers, but do not optimize their message. Optimizing the company’s message really just means that you need to have key words that will appeal to your customers. For example if your customers generally are young adults, than your message would having something that would be appealing to that particular group. Again this goes back to understanding your customers, which will make optimizing your message that much easier.

5. Put yourself in their shoes

Ever heard the saying “You need to walk a mile in my shoes”? Companies must put themselves in the customers’ shoes and pretend for a minute that they are the customer. I am sure we have all been customers before, so if we didn’t like to wait on hold for 25 minutes waiting for a customer service representative to answer a simple question, than as a company we need to remember this and make sure that we handle calls in a timely manner. Companies that use this philosophy will show customers that they are considerate of them and the customers will start to spread the word that your company makes the customer their priority.

In this article I’ve provided five ways to turn customers into loyal fans. These five ways, I’ve learned from over 10 years of customer relations experience and is guaranteed to help improve your customer satisfaction, maximize your value as a company, and create loyal fans.