3 Tips for Building a Brand as an Indie Artist

Here’s 3 tips for building your brand as an indie artist. I will be discussing three different ways that musicians and indie artists need to remember not to do.

Building Your Brand for Indie Artist – Fuego Beats Media

1. NOOOOO Reverb Nation and Sound Cloud – First using Reverb Nation and/or Sound Cloud is not a horrible idea for indie artists that are promoting themselves. The problem is when they use it as their main promotional platform. Reverb Nation and Sound Cloud are fantastic ways to network, but an indie artist needs to be SELFISH and yes I said SELFISH. The indie artists should be selfish and make the website/webpage about them and not want others to steal their shine.

2. WEEBLY and WIX is a NO NO – I know the economy is bad and money is tight for indie artists coming up, but let’s face it you must spend money on your promotion if you’re serious about being successful in the music industry. WEEBLY and WIX can offer you free solutions for you to build your own website, however you are limited when you use these free services. Indie Artists and for that matter everyone should have a personalize website that is different from others and is professional. Most people who use WEEBLY or WIX are not web developers, so their sites are really bad and I can only say this because of experience using these services. Also websites are not just about building them but they are also about maintaining the site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. NO SALES PITCHES – Indie Artist do not come off like a salesman, because that’s the fastest way for you to lose a crowd. No likes salesman so instead of trying to talk people into buying your clothing, CD’s, or concert tickets, start engaging with the audience and your fans to make them see what you have to offer. The market is huge for indie artists, so as long as you have a product that your fans like, they will buy your stuff on their own.

These are 3 things over the last 10 years I’ve seen indie artists do that prevented them from being on the level that they should be. Again all of these things will help you with building your brand, because as well all know talent is only a piece of real success.

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